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    AL ABIYAD OUD ROLL ON PERFUME (20 ml) (Mossy and Ambery tones) (Men & Women)

    Rs. 2,135.00Rs. 989.00

    It is a fine blend of oriental and Arabic cultures which is infused with a perfect mix of tradition and modernity. It offers the most exciting aroma to enliven and energies you instantly. Oudh Al...

    AL SHAMS WHITE OUD ROLL ON PERFUME (20 ml) (Musk With Cool Notes) (Men & Women)

    Rs. 2,120.00Rs. 849.00

    White Oudh is the first woody in the Clean line. Designed to capture the calm, peaceful feeling of encountering a wooded clearing, the fragrance weaves a cozy blanket of citrus, sweetness,...

    Oudh Aswad Floral Roll On Perfume (Woody, Spicy, Amber) (6.00 ml) (Men & Women)

    Rs. 1,050.00Rs. 799.00

    What is oud Aswad? Musk, Sandalwood, Leather, Oud, Amber, VanillaShaghaf Oud Aswad is an oriental, woody, oud fragrance that opens with an accord of floral, woody notes, and a touch of prized saffron. The anticipation...

    PURE OUD ROLL ON PERFUME (6 ml) (Very warm and woody aroma) (Men & Women)

    Rs. 999.00Rs. 786.00

    'Oudh' is the fragrance derived from Agarwood - the most expensive wood in the world. Iba's Arabian Oudh Attar represents heritage and originality with a scent that is sweet, woody, aromatic and complex. What...

    OUD AL SHAMS ROLL ON PERFUME (20 ml) (For Men & Women) (Woody)

    Rs. 1,189.00Rs. 844.00

    Strong, woody, uncompromising oud. ... This is a perfect compliment to your oud oil collection. As everybody knows, pure oud oil is very expensive and Dahn Oud al Shams is an alternative if you want an EDP...

    Al Nuaim Kashmiri Oudh Floral Roll On Perfume (Agarwood) (8 ml) (Men & Women)

    Rs. 1,190.00Rs. 799.00

    Well, it smells like spicy oud, the kis feels bit (or more) synthetic, tarry (I mean tar like) in a lead role. The spicy notes plays supporting actors which stays dominant in fade off....

    KILLER OUD ROLL ON PERFUME (6 ml) (Oregano, Pepper, Bergamot Heart) (Men & Women)

    Rs. 1,878.00Rs. 793.00

    This heavenly and seductive perfume catches everyone attention around you making you irresistible and bold. The top notes are ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, and bergamot, making it more energetic and soothing....

    ESSENTIAL OUD ROLL ON PERFUME (6 ml) (Middle Eastern fragrance) (Men & Women)

    Rs. 1,540.00Rs. 786.00

    Oud Essential Oil, also known as Agarwood oud oil, has a musky fragrance, which is appealing to the senses. It is often associated with a Middle Eastern fragrance and is widely...


    Rs. 1,320.00Rs. 855.00

    Mukhallat Oud attar are purely original with with no harmful chemical.  are non-hazardous, non-corrosive, non-flammable and non- poison. A modern day fragrance featuring the perfect balance between fresh notes interspersed...

    KALIMAT OUD ROLL ON PERFUME (6 ml) (Cashmere Wood,Rosemary) (Men & Women)

    Rs. 1,997.00Rs. 789.00

    Inspired by Kalemat Oud for women and men. a Oriental fragrance for women and men. Top notes are Blueberry and Anise; middle notes are Cashmere Wood, Floral Notes and Rosemary; base...

    COMBODI LUXURIOUS OUD ROLL ON PERFUME (6 ml) (Sweet Smoky Honey) (Men & Women)

    Rs. 1,467.00Rs. 855.00

    When you apply it, you smell this amazing light sweet Animalic (which is the right amount, not too Animalic but a light smell which is a good smell) and sweet smoky honey. You can smell hints of...

    DEHN AL OUD ROLL ON PERFUME (6 ml) (Cambodi by Al Haramain) (Men & Women)

    Rs. 1,235.00Rs. 799.00

    Dehnal Oudh Cambodi by Al Haramain, Made with Oudh sourced directly from Cambodia and delicately combined with other woody notes to characterise it with its warm and oriental attributes. A fragrance oil suitable...

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